Here are some handouts I’ve used in my classes. If you teach economics, free to use any of these in your own classes.

Complete macroeconomics teaching notes, fall 2016

GDP – definitions, anomalies and the national income identity

exchange rate determination

exchange rate basics

business cycles

productivity: two accounting identities

correcting for inflation

using the national income identity

causal relations in the macroeconomy

the balance of payments

macroeconomic policy in an open economy (Fall 2015-2016)

schools of thought, policy targets

inflation as policy target


fiscal policy

macroeconomic policy in an open economy (Spring 2014-2015)

macro map

money and liquidity

3 thoughts on “Teaching”

  1. I just scanned your RKE article and will read it again when I have more time. I wish that I had your imagination and work ethic! Although only a lowly civil servant in Regina, Saskatchewan; I would like to do more research on the macroeconomics of R&D. I will write more later about this.


    1. I did a paper on that topic while at Arizona State. The upshot was a 5:1 return on the money’s invested in research. That may still stand up if my observations of my employer (Intel) can be generalized to other industries.

  2. Nice teaching documents! I’m a UMASS phd from long ago always looking for ways to provide clear and concise pieces of the puzzle. I enjoyed your recent article that was circulated in evonomics too! All the best,
    Jonathan Diskin

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