Journal articles and reports:

The Evolution of State-Local Balance Sheets in the US, 1953-2013 With Arjun Jayadev and Amanda Page-Honngrajok. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2018. With Arjun Jayadev and Amanda Page-Hoongrajok

A comparison of monetary and fiscal policy interaction under sound and functional finance regimes, Metroeconomica, 2018. With Arjun Jayadev

The Political Economy of Financialization in the US, Europe and India, Development and Change, 2018. With Arjun Jayadev and Enno Schroeder

A New Direction for the Federal Reserve: Expanding the Monetary Policy Toolkit, Roosevelt Institute, 2017. With Mike Konczal

What Recovery? The Case for Continued Expansionary Policy at the Fed, Roosevelt Institute, 2017

Review of Reardon 2014, The Handbook of Pluralist Economics EducationReview of Keynesian Economics, 2017.

Mapping India’s Finances: Sixty Years of Flow of Funds. Economic and Political Weekly, 2017, Vol. 52, No. 18. With Arjun Jayadev and Amay Narayan.

Dealing with the Trade Deficit, in Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial and Monopoly PowerRoosevelt Institute, 2016

The Post-1980 Debt Disinflation: An Exercise in Historical Accounting. With Arjun Jayadev. Review of Keynesian Economics, 3 (2015): 314-335.

Loose Money, High Rates: Interest Rate Spreads in Historical Perspective. With Arjun Jayadev. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2015

Understanding Short-Termism: Questions and Consequences. Roosevelt Institute, 2015

An Agenda to End Short-Termism. With Mike Konczal and Amanda Page-Hongrajook. Roosevelt Institute, 2015

Disgorge the Cash: The Disconnect Between Corporate Borrowing and Investment. Roosevelt Institute, 2015

Review of Dumenil & Levy, The Crisis of Neoliberalism, Rethinking Marxism, Fall 2014

Fisher Dynamics in Household Debt: The Case of the United States, 1929-2011. With Arjun Jayadev. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, August 2014.

The Tax Adequacy Problem of the New England States. With John Miller. Political Economy Research Institute. 2014

Strange Defeat: How Austerity Economics Lost All the Intellectual Battles and Still Won the War. With Arjun Jayadev. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 68, No. 32, August 10, 2013.


Working papers:

Income Distribution, Household Debt, and Aggregate Demand: A Critical Assessment (paper) (slides)

Price Stability and Debt Stability: A Wicksell-Lerner-Tinbergen Framework for Macroeconomic Policy Analysis With Arjun Jayadev.

Balance of Payments Constraints, the U.S. Current Account, and the Crisis of 2008


Selected popular writing:

The Disruptors, in Jacobin. With Seth Ackerman

Review of Wilson, Destructive Creation, in Dissent

A Cautious Case for Economic Nationalism, in Dissent

Socialize Finance, in Jacobin

The Fed Doesn’t Work For You, in Jacobin

Disgorge the Cash!, in The New Inquiry

In Defense of David Graeber’s Debt, in Jacobin

What Are the Bankers Up To?, in Jacobin

A Brief History of the Federal Reserve, in Economics for the 99 Percent, Center for Popular Economics

The Big Idea: Tax Evasion, in City Limits

The Big Idea: The Flattering Tax, in City Limits

The Big Idea: Tax the Street, in City Limits

Three Scenes from a Bull Market, in The Baffler

Review of Buhle, Taking Care of Business, and Parker and Gruelle, Democracy is Power, in The Boston Review

Review of Mills, Letters and Autobiographical Writings, in In These Times

Review of Hardt and Negri, Empire, in In These Times

The Buses Don’t Stop Here Anymore: Sick Transit and How to Fix It, in The American Prospect

Review of Jameson, Brecht and Method, in In These Times

Review of Amis, Night Train, in In These Times

Review of Parenti, Lockdown America, in The American Prospect

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