Help, I’m Stuck in a Fortune Cookie Factory

Remember that old joke?

The Slack Wire was hit by a bunch of spam comments just now, which I promptly deleted. Whatever, it’s a blog, happens every day, right? The usual, a bunch of links to sites selling dresses, shoes, thermometers. (Thermometers?)

Except: the text accompanying the links was not the usual spamglish (“Thank You for a Most interesting discution”) or – what the cleverer spambots do – quotes from earlier comments. It was: “This is my job. I am so sorry.”

I’m sorry too, “Amanda.” All the wonderful new forms of creative intellectual work that could be opened up by the Internet, and we’ve stuck you doing this.

2 thoughts on “Help, I’m Stuck in a Fortune Cookie Factory”

  1. Wow, that's almost enough of a concept for an indie film. "The unbearable lightness of a spotless spammer" … or some such thing

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