5 thoughts on “New Post at Rortybomb”

  1. Thanks Slackwire.

    I missed this debate as I was on vacation and my attempts to understand what was happening just led to more confusion – your explanation is the best I've seen on any blog.

    I have a general question about your blog – in what way do you see yourself as a "heterodox economists" ?

  2. Rob-


    In answer to your question, I definitely do identify as heterodox, tho I don't love the word. I guess I would also call myself a Post Keynesian. (As far as economics goes — politically I am on the side of Marx more than Keynes, tho I think Keynes' political vision is richer than a lot of people realize.)

    In some ways, I think that "heterodoxy" is a cohesive enough group sociologically that it doesn't need to be strictly defined in terms of shared views. Obviously there are some important commonalties, but in some ways it is (and probably has to be) defined negatively rather than positively.

    That's one reason I prefer the term "structuralist" — it suggests not just dissent from the mainstream, but a positive alternative program.

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